It’s Time for a Culture Shock, Jingles and Karinkles online


Die Minstrels en ie Rooi Koefiya’s is nou virtual.

Standing at the top of Rose Street in Bo Kaap, in the middle of the night, tapping my two left feet to the beat of a ghoema drum, sticky-fingered from my ghoema hare (cotton candy), surrounded by strangers who somehow felt very familiar, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my favourite minstrel team…this is one of my favourite childhood memories. 

What is Nuwe Jaa without the Kaapse Klopse or the Cape Malay Choirs?

Enter Covid-19 and suddenly events steeped deep in the culture of Cape Town’s heritage, an integral part of who we are, were being threatened because of the strict protocol around social gatherings.

It appeared inevitable that this year would be void of the Minstrel Carnival, if not for the innovative and dynamic team behind Culture Shock.

Finding an alternative

Co-founder of the Oddball production house, Faghri Abrahams’ passion for ‘jingles and karinkles’ is positively tangible. Faghri and his team were not prepared to end off this absurdly unpredictable year without our beloved minstrel’s and the men in the red koefiyah’s serenading us with Nederlandse liedtjies from a time long gone. 

The team took on the task of creating a virtual platform where our culture could be revelled and honoured without compromising the gees of the events. 

What is Culture shock?

‘Culture Shock is an online cultural competition celebrating the Cape Town culture in song and dance with your favourite minstrel teams and Cape Malay choirs’, explains Faghri. Each episode has featured a celebrity guest judge, including the likes of Marc Lottering, David Kramer and Alistair Isobel but the viewers retain the majority of the voting power. Six teams, three episodes all filmed at the Artscape theatre and one finale resulting in one inaugural winner. 

Together with their sponsors, JIVE, under the direction of Loukmaan Adams, they have successfully amalgamated the two giants i.e. the annual Cape Malay Choir Competition and The Cape Minstrel Festival and brought it to our screens. We, the people are very grateful!

There is now no reason to miss out on your annual dose of ‘Klopse’, get your ticket for the finale on Saturday 24 October at Quicket.