Izakaya Matsuri


Inside Izakaya Matsuri

There are many sushi restaurants in Cape Town, but none quite like Izakaya Matsuri. Located just behind the Rockwell Hotel, this almost secret venue, is sure to be bookmarked as one of your favourites. If you also happen to be an Asian beer lover, you will not be disappointed with the eclectic range of Japanese beers served here. For dessert connoisseurs, the deep-fried ice cream is a must. But of course, it’s the sushi that makes this place a Vannie Kaap hot spot; and oh boy, the sushi is truly lekker.

When you have a Chef who is regarded as making the best sushi rice in Cape Town, you know this is going to be a good place. But Sushi is much more than the rice, and that’s what makes Izakaya Matsuri so special. Every element of their dishes will leave you wanting more. If you speak to anyone who’s visited this place, they are more than likely to talk about the ‘tapas’ dishes. The options just in description alone, sound like Japanese works of culinary art; but it’s the taste that highly distinguishes them from dishes you may have tried elsewhere.

Finally, the price and ambiance are a plus too. The former won’t bankrupt you, and the latter will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Vannie Kaap Verdict: Duidelik

Where: The Rockwell, Corner Schiebe Street and Alfred Road, Green Point, Cape Town
Contact: 021-4214520