[WATCH] The Vannie Kaap brand launches media agency


“Owning your story and communicating it authentically, matters. VK Media did that for the brand Vannie Kaap. Now we’re ready to help others own and tell their stories too,” said founder Bernie Fabing.

The popular social cultural brand, Vannie Kaap, held the official launch of VK Media on Wednesday at 44 On Long.

Originally created out of an audience base, Vannie Kaap used their social capital and ownership of that audience to grow into a successful retail company. They have now come full circle, back to their agency roots: the power behind the retail brand.

VK Media is using its social capital and audience to offer organic, and relevant, marketing expertise to brands and individuals, doing media as only they can.

The aim is to use their wide-reaching audience base to provide unique collaborative marketing solutions – whether you are a startup, international brand, influencer or a mother selling koesisters on Sundays.

Mark Jacobs, the co-owner of VK, said, “The five-year journey that was taken to establish Vannie Kaap and entrench it within the hearts and minds of the audience, has finally paid off. We were initially seen as competing with other local brands in the retail space, but now, we are able to let the audience in on the real gedagte behind the VK brand. We are free to dala what we must for the next level on the VK journey – and for that, we can only thank everyone for their support!”

VK has seen the pandemic as an opportunity to be innovative.

The brand continues to launch new platforms and marketing channels to further their reach beyond retail production. The launch of VK Radio, the Dite app, Vroumens, VK news, VK Members and VK ambassadors, and now the VK Wine Club.

Unlike other agencies, VK Media used content to build, and retain, an engaged community. This allowed them to generate millions in revenue over five years – while putting back into the Cape Flats, where it all began. This is the first agency of its kind in Africa.