Soe ‘n bek makee jam!

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VK Media is proud to be a business development partner for Jacobs Jam – using their marketing skills, social capital, and assets to boost the growing Jacobs Jam brand. The motivation behind this partnership is to offer business support and encourage brand sustainability in their unique sector.

VK Media is applying the knowledge gained from the unique Vannie Kaap journey to nurture other local businesses. They’ve partnered with Jacobs Jam to boost their brand marketing and business communication.

Jacobs Jam Company is currently the first, and only, level 1 B-BBEE, female, youth-owned jam and sauce manufacturer in the country. Jacobs Jam is also the first business entered into a strategic business development partnership with VK Media. VK Media discovered this extraordinary company online and approached them with the idea of enterprise development.

Jacobs Jam, located in the picturesque and fruitful Ceres valley, is managed by a wife-and-husband team: Christynn and Nigel Jacobs. Christynn is the majority owner and CEO of the jam company and is a qualified food technologist. She is described as the heart of the business, having created the special and unique recipes – from scratch in her kitchen while systematically upscaling to a commercial factory.

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We had a quick chat with the Jacobs Jam family about the origin story:

What prompted you to leave behind your corporate careers to start a business from scratch?

We decided to leave our corporate careers to build a legacy we can leave behind to our children and the generations thereafter. The reality is when you retire from a corporate job, no matter how high you climbed the ladder, you cannot pass down your position to your children. They must start all over. We believe our ceiling must be our children’s foundation.

And why jam specifically?

Fruit is the main ingredient in jam making. For the past few years our careers have been entrenched in the fruit industry. We were both employed by one of the largest fruit businesses in the Southern hemisphere. We’re now able to leverage our knowledge and networks of the industry and value chain. Jam is also delicious and makes our day to day lives even sweeter.

What are the range of flavours available? Do you have a favourite?

We launched our range with 3 flavours. Apricot and Strawberry which makes up the most popular jam flavours, as well as our unique, first-of-its-kind Pomegranate jam. We’re the first to successfully jam pomegranate. This was a fortuitous accident that happened while we were cooking Apricot jam during the product development stage and we ran out of apricots. So I looked in the fridge and found pomegranates and decided to give it a go. That accidental moment turned out to be a massive success. Now pomegranate is our favourite and most popular flavour. All our products are Halaal and Kosher certified.

How did the business partnership with VK Media come about?

The link-up between Jacobs Jam and VK media was identified on social media. VK made contact with us after seeing some of our Facebook and Instagram posts. We just started talking about our values and the upliftment of our people and youth. The VK guys came out to Ceres one day and we literally broke bread (with jam) around our dining room table and the rest was history. As a start-up we do not have a big marketing budget although we feel it is important that our story is told in a professional manner. VK offered to incubate our company by offering their media services. VK is really paying it forward with this approach and we hope that we will be able to assist new start-ups one day too.

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Jacobs Jam is available at most Spar Supermarkets in the Western Cape in the Cape Town metro and Winelands. And at specialist delis and farm stalls such as Potbelly @Delico in Klapmuts, Perrigreen in Grabouw and Dassiesfontein in Caledon.

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram jacobs_jam_co or Whatsapp 0713510919 or via their website

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