RocoMamas under fire again over one sided press release

Picture: Facebook, @rackngrill
Another social media frenzy broke out after RocoMamas released a press statement saying it has granted food truck owner Muammer Kasu “permission” to use their registered trademark Smash Burger on his menu. 

Earlier on Wednesday Kasu posted on Twitter saying a joint press release would be released later that day, however, RocoMamas – a member of the Spur Group, released a statement on their own instead.

According to Kasu, their input had not been considered.


Rack ‘n Grill released a statement shortly after saying they had not been given a draft of the press release as was agreed on in their meeting.

The statement read: “We strongly deny the contents thereof (the RocoMamas press release). It is also in stark contrast to the preliminary agreements reached between the parties.”

Kasu reached out to a spokesperson for the Spur Group, Moshe Apleni, however, an updated statement is yet to be released.

Social media users were furious at what they call “corporate bullying” tactics from the Spur Group.

One user pointed out that while the CIPC recognises the trademark of the word “Smashburger”, the word burger alone is prohibited from protection, therefore Rack ‘n Grill using “smash burger” on their menu cannot be seen as trademark infringement.

While many social media users expected more from RocoMamas it looks as though Rack ‘n Grill will not back down, saying it “will stand tall and firm along with our supporters against this injustice and a mockery of our goodwill.”





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