Confusion Among Cape Town’s Informal Traders


According to reports, there appears to still be some sort of confusion among informal traders about who is allowed to operate during the lockdown.

Reports state that many informal traders in townships have been forced by law enforcement to close their businesses. 

Last week, the National Command Council said informal food traders will be allowed to do business. But according to regulations, this only pertains to those selling raw produce. Informal traders selling fast-food are not according to regulations cleared to trade.

The City of Cape Town will, from Tuesday, begin a new application process for informal traders.

According to reports, the City is imposing fines of up to R5000 on those who don’t obey the regulations put in place. It says those wanting a permit to trade will have to provide their existing permits.

Government’s decision to prohibit informal traders from selling fast-food is necessary to maintain the rule of social distancing.

The only way for traders to operate now will be to have a delivery service – which many can’t afford at this point in time.