Ackermans Reopens Stores for Essential Goods


Ackermans announced via their social platforms that they are in the process of reopening selected stores for the sale of essential goods.

The retailer will be selling essential products for babies up to the age of 36 months. These include utensils, footwear, clothing, blankets and toiletries. Data, airtime, kidswear up to 3 years and hygiene products will also be available for sale.

Only selected stores will be open to prioritise the health and safety of staff members and customers.

The list of stores and their trading hours are available on the Ackermans website.


  1. Why aren’t we allowed to buy clothes for kids older than 36 months. I have to girls 7 and 13 yeats old. They need winter clothes aswell or does the govenent think the older kids should go with out warm clothes.

    • Go where? They mas all b indoors. The rzn y selected shops r opened is bcz of new born. Plz guyz let’s not complicate things let’s just comply with wt the government has said.

      • My twins are 2 years old and wear size 4 to 5 year old clothes as I also like to buy their clothes bigger and you only going to sell till size 3 years. This is so unfair. My kids 2 to 3 pants I put on for her already does not fit and they won’t fit into clothes 3 years. You really need to rethink this strategy and discuss with the boards in charge of these procedures and protocols.

  2. I dont understand why jogging in essential but buying clothes for your kids and yourself is not winter its not like you buying name brands like nike or addidas.

  3. I have a toddler who is 5 years and i need to buy her all winter items and we live in east griqualand/ underberg area. Pls adjust your age groups and what adults we also need winter things

  4. I have 5 kids a baby of 7months old and my kids ages are from 5,7,9,11 they all need winter clothes and shoes and so does my hubby and myself.

  5. Seriously Ackermans, with it being summer my son wore sandals and walked around barefoot.
    But unfortunately his feet grew from size 7 to 8.
    I have 1 pair of sneakers that fit him. My eldest daughter also grew quite a bit and we need 11-12 or 13-14 pajamas and slippers.

  6. I feel that when you see nobody bying so much newborn to 12 months aadjust your age groups each child needs.clothes no matter what age and it is winter now my baby is 9months and has enough clothes now but now i dont have anything for myself please just please can we also buy for ourselves just have very strict measurements in place

  7. My child is five years old and needs winter clothes. ..Please this is not fair on the mothers of older children. We too have kids and not the entire country has children only of 36 months. Please open for children older as well

  8. I think its not fair that priorotizing only newborns is seen as a solution, what about 3 year old sand up (10 year olds) they also are kids and need warm clothes.
    I have a 14 month old baby as well as 5 years old boy that needs winter clothes and we all know that kids that age outgrow clothes, therefore they cannot use clothes from last year as they all wont fit. By not taking into consideration other kids, this will results in an incrase of kids getting sick of (influenza or covid) since we are now approaching winter. Can someone please escalate this so that our cry as concerned parents be heard. As much as we all appreciate that at least stores will be open for what is considered to be essentials, can older kids be taken into consideration too.

    We didn’t see the pandemic coming, otherwise we would have prepared for our little ones in advance.

  9. My son is 14 years old and tall,his long pants are now 3/4 pants, jeans are tight he hardly fits into anything…..

  10. Nd why only in certain areas are they open like Sunningdale tablr view atlantis no stores are open and wht if we take w drive to camal walk or something then we get in trouble cause you need a permit do i need a permit to go and sort my baby out for winter

  11. What about the laybye I make before lockdown..can I atleast come and collect it..its for my 9year old daughter.

  12. Grown ups also need pajamas.. And slippers and stuff..

    And what about underwear.??

  13. Not sure what this government of ours think. I have got 4, 6 and 16 year old don’t they deserve to wear warm clothes. What about other parents in the same or worse state. No they must rethink this reopening and come back with a better option that would accommodate everyone.

  14. I am 5 months pregnant i dnt have maternity clothing and i have to go to the clinic i have nothing to wear as well as for work i am an essentialworker i need a pair of trackpants atleast to wear since my trousers do not fit at all i am in vereeniging

  15. Its not fair what the government is doing i mean i have a 10year old daughter what must she wear yes they must stay indoors but wearing what?i think you should ask the government tho reverse its decision soon hopefully schools will be opened they need school jersey what must they wear?

  16. Hellow there I’ve paid the account on the 10th of April but Arkamans didn’t received my payment

  17. I have two daughters age 9 and 5 they both needs winter clothes, staying indoors doesn’t mean we should be naked and the last time I checked clothing was categorized under 4 basic needs so the Government need to relook at their decision we can’t live without clothing.

  18. I have a 1year old baby but he is very big so he wears 4-5 clothes know i need clothes for him

  19. I went in ther Friday , my kids needed pajamas and I need underwear. How is that not essential?! I left with nothing for them. It’s so unfair.

  20. The age limit is not right my daughter is 2 years old and she wears 4-5 so how can she go without winter clothes

  21. Question? Why can people not buy online clothing for all ages, no one needs to go to the shop, advertise and deliver. I would think Ackermans would be one of that online store that caters all needs, kids, adults and affordability.

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