A 4-Day Workweek Benefits Your Mental and Physical Well-Being

According to Business Insider, employees who work long hours have increased stress levels which eventually leads to burnout. This all leads to less productivity and creativity in the workplace.

The overall aim should be to work smart, not long and hard.

Here’s how it could benefit you:

Increased productivity amongst employees

“A 4-day workweek has been associated with increased productivity in over 30 years of scientific research,” said the Business Insider.

Microsoft Japan did a trial in August 2019, the initiative was called Work-Life Choice Challenge. They allowed employees at their Tokyo headquarters to be off each Friday in August which they called “special paid leave.” 

During this trial, Microsoft Japan offered a “support program” for the employees, this included covering their travel-related expenses and workshops. After the trial, the results showed a 40% increase in productivity and 92% of the employees were happy with the program.

Studies have shown that employees working 55 hours per week, perform much worse than the ones that work 40 hours per week.

Increased happiness in employees

Technology has advanced so much that employees constantly have to be online. Whether it is to send an email or to have a quick video call with the bosses. This can lead to an increased level of stress and result in burnout. 

Giving employees a four-day workweek means they can spend more quality time with their loved ones. This will ensure that employees feel cared for. 

The research also shows that employees would rather choose leisure time over an increased income.

Working less could save the planet

Researchers found that increased pollution levels are directly correlated to longer working hours.

“One study found that if Americans, who work some of the longest hours in the world, were to work the same amount as Europeans, the US would consume 20% less energy. Another study discovered that with every 1% decline in working hours, there was a corresponding 0.8% drop in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,” the Business Insider wrote.

If a four-day workweek increases productivity, happiness and could save the planet, why not implement it?